The Firearms collection contains over 1,000 military and antique sporting weapons which include firearms, accessories, swords and knives. With the presence of both active and former military sites across the county, the collection represents both the social and military history of Hampshire as well as showcasing 400 years of decorative material culture.

  • Automatic pistol 1916
  • Flintlock rifle 1680
  • Rifle
  • Duckfoot pistol 1780
  • Shot rifle
  • Barrel rifle 1800
  • Flintlock gun
  • Winchester rifle

Objects from our firearms collection are on display in some of our museums across the county. We also make the collection housed in our museum stores accessible to researchers by appointment. Our online database shows a selection of objects, some of which aren’t ordinarily on permanent display.

Where to find a selection of these items

Aldershot Military Museum, Queens Avenue, Aldershot, GU11 2LG