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2D Surface Design and Texture Workshop

Whether you are new to felt making, or you want a chance to push your skills further, this is day of experimental techniques for all abilities. The day will start with looking at how a wonderful array of fibres and fabrics (nuno felting) can be used and manipulated to produce pieces of felt that have wonderful contrast and textures.

Students will make their own assortment of prefelts (semi-made pieces of felt) using a variety of fibres, fabrics and threads. This will be your collection from which you will use to build up a finished piece of work – either abstract or pictorial. During the day tutor Sarah will be there to guide you through each of the processes. All materials will be provided, but if you have any extra fabrics or threads you would like incorporated then do bring them along. You can also bring a picture, photo or a drawing to help inform your work.

Tutor: Sarah Waters

  • surface design