Brighter Futures Programme Summer 2024

Forest Arts Centre
18 July - 8 August 2024
Art and Craft, Classes, Health & wellbeing, Workshops
2 hours per week, 4 weeks
2:00pm - 4:00pm

Michele is an illustrator with a background in education and community projects , specialising in creating collages using recycled materials to create a narrative. She depicts everyday images with quirky twists, which hopefully stimulate viewers to question or imagine....or simply smile.  

Over the course of the workshops you will explore how collaging can be used to process and record memorable moments in time to support wellbeing, from simple gestures to more significant events. The aim is to share how this illustrative technique can take away the ‘intimidation’ of a blank page but present a creative challenge through its use of limited materials within a structured and supported framework.  

You will also learn about artists who work in this medium, as well as the benefits of being a ‘maker’.  

Open to all levels of artistic ability, each unit will focus on a different method to record a personal narrative , in a supportive and non-threatening way, using easily resourced materials.  

Please bring along scissors (possibly small),  a glue stick , pencils and a rubber. Everything else will be provided. You may also want to bring along a simple ‘folder/wallet’ of some kind (A4) to pop your work into.       

Having completed the workshops, you will be equipped with a ‘took kit’ of techniques and ideas to help you select and document images which are personally important to you, as well as a range of references that you can draw upon for future inspiration.  

This is a four week course taking place on 18th July - 8th August, 2-4pm. 



Brighter Futures Courses are free of charge, and all materials will be provided. These courses are part of the Hampshire County Council Adult Community Learning Programme, Hampshire Learns. To be eligible for a course you must be 18+ years old, live in Hampshire and feel as though your mental health and wellbeing may benefit from attending a creative course.  

To register your interest in attending one of these courses, please click here, to fill out our self-referral form. 

To find out more about Brighter Futures, please visit our webpage, Brighter Futures | Hampshire Cultural Trust ( 

  • Collage of a table and chairs with buildings in background
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