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“Money can't buy happiness. But it can buy chocolate, which is pretty much the same thing.” Hanako Ishii

Chocolate hasn’t always been a sweet treat – the ancient Aztecs mixed a drink of cocoa and blood to fire up their warriors; and the American army in the second world war mixed flour and dry oatmeal in chocolate bars to discourage soldiers from snacking on them.

Join us as we explore the fascinating history of our favourite food, with incredible objects spanning five thousand years and three continents.

Did you know Kit-Kats used to be blue, not red? That Roses used to bear resemblance to the flower? That modern milk chocolate contains more sugar than cocoa? A must-see exhibition for all those with a sweet tooth!

  • Chocolate bars and Coco beans


Westbury Manor Museum

Address: Westbury Manor Museum, West Street, Fareham PO16 0JJ
Telephone: 01329 822063

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