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CLOSED: Deja Views

This exhibition has now closed. We apologise for any disappointment caused.

Deja Views is an exhibition of vibrant and expressive oil paintings by local artist, Wayne Jefferson.

They relate to places in Hampshire and Dorset through images that move away from traditional painterly translations of the landscape and into a personal response that is an interpretation of place which seeks to express the very personality of the landscape.

Wayne’s starting point for a painting is always the actual scene at a particular time, and with it he captures some fragment of this distinct local landscape. The total atmospheric reality of rural life promotes a desire to take the image he sees and find a means of expressing how he feels about it. In some ways therefore, the individual painting is as much about the artist as about a specific place.

This series of paintings provides distinctive interpretations of particular locations, that portray a unique point of view filtered by an emotional response to the natural surroundings. Each individual finished picture is not an objective, realistic view of the location. It is a subjective personal visualisation, that communicates what the artist feels as well as what he sees.

Dr. Wayne Jefferson was born and grew up in a small Hampshire village near Basingstoke. He studied Fine Art – Painting at Winchester School of Art and an art teacher’s course at Hornsey Art College. For a number of years, Wayne was Head of Art in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences at Kingston University. Nowadays he devotes his time to his own artwork and has exhibited in a range of venues around the south of England. 

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