A relaxing and absorbing pastime, create an eco-friendly toy that will while away hours creating giant, festival-sized bubbles at home. We will start by looking at the science of what makes a great bubble, and how they float: and then go on to make the perfect bubble mixture from simple ingredients. Finally, youngsters will make their own bubble wand, and turn heads by testing their creations out on the Arc terrace! Youngsters take home a copy of the recipe and a bubble wand they created themselves.

After all that creativity, families can catch refreshments at our Arc café.

Monday 25 July, 10.00am
Wednesday 3 August, 2.00pm
Tuesday 9 August, 10.00am
Thursday 18 August, 2.00pm
Tuesday 23 August, 10.00am
Tickets £10 per session


  • A bubble wand made out of natural materials

Dates and times

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  1. Thu 18 Aug 2022
  2. Tue 23 Aug 2022