Diana is an artist who regularly works to support learning and wellbeing in communities. She is an advocate of creativity as an important form of self-expression and emotional wellbeing.  


You don’t need to be ‘good at drawing’ to be welcome on this course! From doodling to to 3D drawings, we will be trying out lots of materials and finding the methods that suit your own style best. 


This course will help you to find your strengths in observation, choice of materials and preferred way to work. It will help you to feel more confident in your abilities across a wide range of techniques and decide which other workshops or longer courses would be right for you in future.  


Our focus will be on mark making in playful ways and ‘having a go’ with the support and encouragement of those around you. 

Further details on how to sign up for this course: 


Brighter Futures Courses are free of charge, and all materials will be provided. These courses are part of the Hampshire County Council Adult Community Learning Programme, Hampshire Learns. 

To be eligible for a course you must be 18+ years old, live in Hampshire and feel as though your mental health and wellbeing may benefit from attending a creative course.  


To register your interest in attending this course, please click the link. https://bit.ly/3O7CmQW  

  • A picture of a drawn hand in a range of colours.
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