Since 2011, Hang Massive have shaped the global handpan music scene, pioneering a successful electronic act with a magnetizing live show. Blending dream-like acoustic and upbeat electronic sounds, their unique style inspires a worldwide audience. 

The magic began in 2011 with their first music release and video “Once Again”, which gained wide renown and was watched over 60 million times online. Its viral success introduced people around the world to a captivating new instrument and saw the emergence of a global fan base devoted to this groundbreaking musical project.

The founding members, Danny Cudd and Markus Offbeat, met on the shores of Goa, India, forging their creative partnership in its vibrant international arts scene. Over the following years, the Hang Massive project evolved from busking on the streets of European cities to performing festival line-ups and high profile music venues around the world. Today, the duo split their time between their home studio in Goa and touring globally. 

Continually experimenting over the years, the duo released a wide range of hang inspired music, EPs, albums and videos in collaboration with a stellar list of producers and musicians. During the Luminous Emptiness tour from 2018–2019, they performed sellout gigs across Europe, the UK and South America bringing fans a mesmerizing new audio-visual experience. 

With support from MiNOA

Originally, Minoa grew up in a small town close to Hanover. Her first idea of her future profession was becoming a tightrope walker at the age of 5, but since she was afraid of heights, she decided becoming a singer/songwriter was a more grounded and efficient way to go. So she started to sing in the school choir, where she was cursed to be the only Soprano, which meant singing the Lion King's 'A-wim-o-weh, a-wim-o-weh' the whole song through. Followed by the school band and singing lessions from the age of 16. When she finished school, studying music was a quite logical next step. So she took it for two years, but came to the conclusion, that the analytical way of thinking limited her in her creative process. Attracted from the big unknown she moved to Berlin, where she is inhaling her musical and lyrical ideas mostly through the motley buzz on the streets.

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