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A new exhibition at the City Space gallery and an exciting new site-specific commission for The Arc's atrium, created by artist Suna Imre.

For this ambitious installation, which speaks of our complex relationship with the Earth, Suna has created multiple smoke-fired boulders. Completely hollow and made of clay, their marks show images we see of the universe and of our planet; the mystery and beauty of our home in the context of a much larger whole. The boulders are arranged as if breaking away from a nucleus. This fragmentation and potential collision references our precarious relationship to the earth and is an invitation to question our place within the natural world and how we can contribute to its healing.

The exhibition is an opportunity to look more closely at the fragility and beauty imbued in the details of the installation and witness the colours, textures and landscapes of these smoke-fired forms. 

The Atrium Commission has been funded by Arts Council England.

Suna Imre

Suna Imre is an artist based in Winchester, Hampshire. Before moving into ceramics, Suna trained and worked for 15 years creating dance installations, performances, and films. Specialising in improvisation, her works were rooted in spontaneous composition - the work continuously unfolding into the present moment. Working in clay has been a natural evolution for her - the tactility and immediacy of the material resonating with her background in improvisation and dance.

Suna's work is predominately hand-built.  She works in stoneware and locally dug clay to create vessels, sculptural forms and installations that aim to elevate and bring attention to the wonder and impermanence of the natural world.


Images: detail of HEARTH, courtesy of the artist.

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  • Detail from HEARTH, courtesy of the artist.
  • Detail from HEARTH, courtesy of the artist.
  • Detail from HEARTH, courtesy of the artist.
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