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David is fascinated with the passage of time, the transience of things, the slow, inexorable metamorphosis of one thing into another and the joy of existence in the world.

He finds real beauty in abandoned things - items that were once needed, designed, coveted, that have been discarded and now live in quiet melancholy as they slowly fade away, all the energy that we put into them now gone.

David also love butterflies and moths, their extraordinary metamorphosis from one form to another, and their exquisite colours and patterns which we only ever see in brief, fleeting moments.

The paintings and drawings try to reflect these ideas and feelings, the fact that we are all part of the world, all travel through it in time and, like the butterfly, find and give joy by just existing.

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Allen Gallery

Address: Allen Gallery, Church Street, Alton GU34 2BW
Telephone: 01420 82802

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