Westbury Manor Museum

Running from 4 November until 14 January


We are excited to have the original artwork of Michael Wright displayed at Westbury Manor Museum


Michael says of his work

"My  practise has for a while examined the question of originality in art which involves looking through countless books, magazines and at internet images to find an artwork that I use as a starting point to create a work of my own.

My oil paintings and drawings regularly recreate parts of historical paintings often omitting or adding random figures or parts of landscapes/backgrounds or sky to create my own original piece. By doing this I re-examine the narrative within an artwork questioning how an artwork can be read and how its original meaning has changed into something different from that of its original. 

n addition to looking at images of Landscapes through various media I also paint areas local to where I live, whilst out walking I will take numerous photos and sketches and from this I will produce my own compositions and artworks.

By producing my artworks this way I gain a greater understanding of the natural Landscape and my role within it questioning how I interact with it and how as humans we can impact upon it."

Michael's work will also be for sale, and available through the museum


  • An image of Michael stood in front of his art
  • A second image of Michael stood in front of his art
  • One of Michael's art pieces
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