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Online: Drawing Room (Sep-Oct 2020)

Learn about different techniques and how to combine

For the first three weeks we will create a painting base using a
landscape photograph as a reference. Using only palette knifes (and the
potential to use flat brushes at the end for detailing with acrylic paint)

During the second three weeks, using a combination of
watercolour/gouache with graphite and colour pencils, we will create a poster-like
illustration based on an unusual still life.

No experience necessary, just bags of enthusiasm. The aim is to create a
lovely painting and enjoy your time in a relaxed, safe and friendly online


What you need: Wear clothes that you don’t
becoming dirty and the list of materials below*.

See also – class access information.

*This class has been planned to be able to work during lockdown and
therefore is understandable that in some cases it might be difficult to get
hold of every material that is going to be used in this course, just let the
tutor know and she will be able to guide you on how to use what you have. You
can adjust the techniques to make them behave slightly differently. If you are
buying new materials it is advised that you do not go for the cheapest option
available, the tutor will be able to advise you on what to purchase.

First three classes:

  • Set of acrylics: System 3 acrylic set or similar quality brand.
  • Canvas, board or mixed media paper or watercolour paper 200gsm or more.
    Working on canvas or board is highly recommended if you have not done so before.
  • At least three palette knives, loyalty cards or old credit cards. They
    should be made from plastic if possible.
  • Palette for mixing the colours (or cardboard from a box)
  • A piece of cloth to clean the paint (do not use kitchen towel for this).
  • A pot of water.
  • Some flat brushes (small) if you have.
  • Scissors
  • Scrap paper

Next three classes:

  • Set of watercolours or gouache: (Windsor & newton or similar quality
  • Set of/a couple of soft graphite pencils (with ‘B’ written on the pencil
    e.g a 2B and 6B that is more than enough)
  • Rubber and sharpener.
  • Set of colour pencils (polychromos or similar quality highly recommended).
    If you have watersoluble colour pencils we can also use that.
  • Cartridge paper 170gsm or more/watercolour paper 170gsm or more
  • At least five brushes (any shape/various sizes)
  • Kitchen towel
  • Two water pots
  • A board to attach your paper to it.
  • A palette for gouache. Any plastic tray will do.
  • Scissors
  • Scrap paper

Other items that may be useful but not essential:

  • Masking tape/masking fluid
  • Candle/white oil bar
  • Paper clips
  • Old toothbrush, sponge, etc. anything you want to try out on your work!
  • Salt

Tutor: Fatima Pantoja

Fatima is originally from Spain. A few years after she finished her Fine Arts degree she moved to the UK. Currently she works as a Freelance Artist (from digital illustrations to oil paintings, sculptures…everything!!) and an Art teacher which she says is the perfect job for her as she loves talking and painting!

She likes to push her own boundaries and her work covers a wide range of techniques and subjects, but my favourite subject is portraiture. She participates in exhibitions regularly and co-curates a Gallery (THAT Gallery) in Basingstoke.

She was also lucky enough to be selected to participate in the Heats for Sky Landscape artist of the year in 2017 and became semi-finalist at the Sky portrait artist of the year in 2019.


Tickets: £75

Sessions: Thursday 17 September - 22 October, 10am - 12pm

Book your space on Online: Drawing Room at Hampshire Cultural Trust's West End Centre, Aldershot now! 


Class access information

This class will run live each week via Zoom, an online streaming website. Zoom is an online platform which allows you to talk live to your tutor and classmates via a video or audio call. This class is designed to be progressive, with sessions each week following on from the previous week, helping to build your experience over the course of the class. Your booking is for all six sessions. As this class is live, you will need to be available at the time specified to participate.

To access your class you will be sent a link to a Zoom meeting on the day of each session that you have booked. You will also need access to a device with an internet connection and speakers– a computer, laptop, phone or tablet should do the job. If you would like to be able to talk with your tutor via audio your device will also need a microphone. If you would like to speak with your tutor via video your device will also need a camera.

Prior to the start date of your class our team will be in touch via email. We will confirm the email address you have used to create your Zoom account so we can add you to the class. We will also send you detailed instructions via email to help you log into your online class. We will have a member of our team on standby for the first two week of class to assist you with any issues you may have accessing your class. Simply email us at west.end.centre@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk if you need help.

  • Online: Drawing Room (Sep-Oct 2020)


West End Centre

Address: 48 Queens Rd, Aldershot GU11 3JD
Telephone: 01252 330040

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