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Online Theatre: The House Never Wins

Our House is on fire. Come play live and gamble with the planet’s future.

We could all do with a distraction. Take a seat at the table, get ready to play.

(There’s a real cash prize at stake.) The House is on fire.

The House Never Wins by Kill The Cat Theatre invites you to play what seems to be a simple game of blackjack in the casino called “The House”. However, there’s a catch. Whilst trying to pit your luck against the dealer, you also must keep The House alive. Interacting through game play on Zoom, and with WhatsApp pinging you visual messages, surveys and puzzles, can you work together to keep The House afloat, or will the lure of a real cash prize be too much to resist? The House Never Wins is a fun, engaging and thought-provoking evening which reminds us of the importance of working together to keep our planet alive.

A new interactive game theatre piece that you can play from the comfort of your own home. Exploring the climate crisis, self-isolation and gambling with the planet’s future.

Commissioned by Upstart Theatre as part of DARE Festival 2019. Supported by Arts Council England, Shoreditch Town Hall, Camden People's Theatre, Ovalhouse and Maketank.

Creators: Dylan Frankland & Madeleine Allardice

Performer: Madeleine Allardice

Producer: Turtle Key Arts

Set and Costume Design: Erin Guan

Trailer: Michael Lynch

Poster Design: Keir Cooper

Suitable for ages 16+. This performance requires people to take part in a gambling role play and contains mild swearing.

Access information

This performance takes place on Zoom and is run by Kill The Cat – you will get joining information upon signing up. Kill The Cat will communicate with you through Zoom and Whatsapp and will ask you for your mobile and email information. This information will be immediately deleted after the show and will not be stored

Event: Friday 30 October, 7pm and 9pm

Tickets: £10

Buy tickets for Online: The House Never Wins with Hampshire Cultural Trust’s West End Centre now!

  • Online Theatre: The House Never Wins


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