Have you ever looked at the splashes of paint, random marks and obvious brushstrokes of contemporary art and asked… 

What makes THIS art good? 

Couldn’t ANYONE paint this? 

Just WHAT am I looking at? 

Have you ever felt challenged, confused, or uneasy looking at contemporary art? 

You are not alone! Whether you are young or old, a visual art newbie or a connoisseur, ‘Outside the Lines’ makes looking at contemporary art a playful experience for all. 

Through a joyful exploration of Hampshire County Council’s Contemporary Art Collection, including artists such as Henry Moore, Dame Elisabeth Frink and David Hockney RA, this exhibition will engage the whole family, inspire your own art appreciation journey, and start conversations that you will remember forever. 


  • Alan Davie's Celtic Dreamboat. An expressive, semi abstract image with large splashes of colour over a black outline image of a fantastic boat
  • Logo - outside the lines