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Pots and Pilgrims

2020 marks the 400th anniversary of the journey of the Mayflower and the settlement of Plymouth Colony in 1620. This journey, along with the founding of the earlier English colony of Jamestown, is considered one of the most significant, if controversial, events in the story of modern America.  

Archaeological excavations have taken place on these sites for over a 100 years, revealing objects typical of those you would expect to find in a 17th century English village. The bulk of the material found is pottery and a lot of that pottery, called Border Ware, came from the kilns of the Hampshire/Surrey border.

This exhibition uses material from collections in the care of Hampshire Cultural Trust to tell the story of how the early colonists carried a cultural life support system with them on their journey. Objects that reveal as much about their ties to the old world as their struggles in adapting to the new.

We would like to thank Plimoth Plantation Museums for their help with this exhibition – www.plimoth.org

Image courtesy of Plimoth Plantation Museums

  • Pots and Pot Washing - Image courtesy of Plimoth Plantation Museums


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