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21 Jun 2024 - 18 Sep 2024

The story of Fred Appleyard’s (1874 – 1963) artistic career is one that seems to have been lost to art history. Working successfully as an accomplished Pre-Raphaelite styled painter at the turn of the century, Appleyard moved to Hampshire after the First World War and became captivated by his surroundings, changing his painting approach to British Impressionism.  

To commemorate the 150th anniversary of his birth, this specially curated exhibition draws together gems from private and public collections and seeks to reintroduce Appleyard as one of Britain's finest painters.  

The exhibition includes rural landscapes of chalk streams and dappled light, tender portraits where light dances off the skin or is reflected in the dazzling Itchen water, and jewel-like, floral still-lives. 

Appleyard’s accomplished drawings of his beloved Itchen Valley provide us with pin-point locations that many will recognise. Most poignantly, Appleyard depicted a time when the pace of life was slower, and some would argue, gentler. These graceful scenes are a celebration of the slow act of painting, with themes relevant today, viewed through the portal of the artist’s canvas.    

Appleyard had an exceptional talent for colour and light. He trained at the Royal Academy Schools where he was awarded the prestigious Turner Gold Medal for landscape painting. His paintings are held in national and international collections and his stunning 1903 mural for the Royal Academy restaurant wall still stands. 

An events programme will accompany the exhibition, including curators tours: https://www.arcwinchester.org.uk/event/fred-appleyard-curators-talk-melanie-rose

Images:  The Spirit of the Summit, c1910 / Untitled (Apple Blossom), undated / Untitled (Springtime Joy), c1910 / Untitled (Beach Scene with Children) c1930 / Untitled (Sun Through Trees on River at Itchen Stoke), c1930 / Itchen Valley Landscape with Figure, c1930. All images by kind courtesy of the Fred Appleyard estate. 

painting of a woman in a draped dresspainting of a vase of apple blossom flowers

 Paintng of a girl on a springtime day next to an old tree     Painting of a beach scene on a sunny day   Painting of dappled water and sun set reflections   painting of a figure dancing in a woodland landscape



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