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Shared Reading Online Sessions

What is Shared Reading?

It’s a shared experience. It’s something that we do together.

We do it through reading aloud a as a group. Ideally, we share the reading if people are happy to do so, but if you just want to listen that is fine.

It’s an opportunity to read authors we are unfamiliar with.

It could include poems, of all sorts. Serious poems, humorous poems, abstract poems. We might read an extract from a book, a short story, an extract from a play, from songs even. We may have a theme for the session, or we may not.

We then have a chance to discuss what, if anything, the readings might mean to us.

It could be just the joy of reading a good story or poem, or you may find something profound. It could even be that it just makes you cross.

In any event, it’s primarily a vehicle to meet and discuss. We might not agree with each other and that is fine. What you think is what you think and its always interesting to hear different views on a piece. You might even find you change your mind.

It might be that after reading the extract you never want to read that writer again. That’s good too. There are so many fantastic things to read why waste your time on something that does not appeal.

On the other hand, you might discover a gem. Either way it will be a shared experience and we will do it together.

We will be running an initial series of drop in online sessions on alternate Tuesdays and Thursdays from 7 July until the end of August 2020. These sessions will be led by our trained volunteer reader leaders. You can just drop in via zoom and enjoy listening to a story or poem – no pressure to talk or read.

Dates and times: Thursday 23 July 2pm, Tuesday 4 August 2pm, Thursday 20 August. (You do not have to attend all sessions)

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Westbury Manor Museum

Address: Westbury Manor Museum, West Street, Fareham PO16 0JJ
Telephone: 01329 822063

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