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Simply Pen, Ink and Paper

An exhibition by local artist JJ Howson

"I had a career in the retail food industry on the technical side, working in laboratories and inspection of premises and dabbled in drawing and painting for several years. When I retired, I had more time but only took up my art about six years ago. I attend a very informal art club and have developed a style of drawing that I can pick up or put down whenever I want. I normally start a piece at the club and then spend time at home to complete it. Depending on the size and complexity of the subject I can spend two to three weeks working several hours a day for the end result."

"I try various subjects and sometimes just let a drawing develop by starting at the front and working to the back with no preconceived plan. Occasionally I try some colour work but I am happiest in black and white. My model boats are a spin-off from railway modelling. It is a challenge to work in three dimensions and to such a small scale."

  • Willis exhibition 2020


Willis Museum and Sainsbury Gallery

Address: Willis Museum, Market Place, Basingstoke, RG21 7QD
Telephone: 01256 465902

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