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Sound Bath at Bursledon Windmill

Join us for a unique opportunity to experience a therapeutic outdoor Sound Bath at Bursledon Windmill with David Tipper of Earth Resonance.

During a sound bath you are bathed in sounds produced by instruments such as Himalayan, Nepalese and crystal singing bowls, gong, handpan, didgeridoo, drum and percussion.

These powerful tools and contact with the earth can help you feel a sense of inner peace, release stress and offer the opportunity for self-reflection. The sound vibrations produced can be likened to the physically softening effect of a gentle body massage.

As this is an outdoor event it is essential that you bring plenty of home comforts such as a yoga or camping mat, blankets (or a sleeping bag) and pillows. In the event of wet weather, we will move into the barn. For more information on Sound Therapy and David's approach please visit www.earthresonance.co.uk and follow on Instagram or Facebook.

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Bursledon Windmill

Address: Bursledon Windmill, Windmill Lane, Southampton SO31 8BG
Telephone: 023 8040 4999

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