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Surviving the Stone Age

A mammoth exhibition!

A family friendly exhibition, full of hands-on activities, Surviving the Stone Age includes stone tools made by early people in Hampshire many thousands of years ago, and remains of the creatures they hunted, including woolly mammoth bones. You can find out how hunter-gatherer people in Hampshire adapted to survive the extreme climate changes in the Old and Middle Stone Ages.

During the Ice Ages glaciers covered much of Britain. At other times the climate was mild, or even warmer than today. See actual artefacts from the Stone Age, including hand axes up to 400,000 years old, have a go at activities to test your skills in tracking animals, identifying edible foods or creating cave paintings.

You can also help us create our own giant woolly mammoth, and even discover Stone Age smells, if you dare!

  • Surviving the Stone Age


Westbury Manor Museum

Address: Westbury Manor Museum, West Street, Fareham PO16 0JJ
Telephone: 01329 822063

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