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The Wasp Spider and the Garden Tiger

To mark the 300th anniversary of the birth of Gilbert White this exhibition looks at the legacy of the great 18th century naturalist in an age of climate change.

White pioneered the study of seasonal changes in the arrival of animals and plants over a 25-year period at his Selborne home. These historical studies are now a valuable aid in mapping environmental change through time and the impact these changes have on the natural world.

The exhibition will draw on the natural sciences collection in the care of Hampshire Cultural Trust to illustrate the impact changes in the environment, including climate change, have on the plants, animals and insects that share our world. There have been five major extinction events since life first appeared on our planet. Many scientists believe we are in the middle of a sixth, but why do they think this and are humans to blame?                                                

The exhibition opens in the Allen Gallery, Alton on Saturday 8 August for five weeks.

To help keep everyone safe, we’ve made some changes at the Allen Gallery. We have introduced a number of measures in line with government guidelines to help manage our visitor numbers and ensure we maintain social distancing to protect you, our staff and volunteers. You can find out what we are doing at the Allen Gallery here:

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