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An exhibition by four contemporary artists from The Solent. Paintings, surreal constructions and found sounds are a conduit for the artists to explore environments and to invite the viewer in.

David Mcdiarmid

David pushes the probabilities of the materials he has experience working with, within the highway construction industry. His ideas centre around figurative, animal or mythological imagery made using various casting methods, and often contain domestic objects or paintings.


J Masson

All of Julien's works are, in some way related to technology and our relation with it. As an artist, he wishes to expand the notions of what Art is and participate in the very dynamic dialogue between digital technology, Science and the Arts.



Tony Spencer

Tony's art practice currently explores the relationship between sound, sculpture and installation, investigating the function of art through wellbeing and sacredness. 
He is interested in how the mechanics of sound propagates and penetrates matter through friction, vibrating at a related resonance to sculptural geometry. This in turn can support the wellbeing of a person who engages with the work by encouraging cells in the body to vibrate at their own optimal frequency.


Terence Noble

Terence Noble is a painter of “O’s”. Colours emanate from a void like rings inside a tree. Such rings are a common sight in the New Forest, Hampshire where Terence was born in 1974.
His approach and methods attempt to consolidate interests in nature, memories and emotions with a grounding in graffiti art and contemporary art.


Drop in during museum opening hours to browse the works.

  • Art piece by Terence Noble


Eastleigh Museum

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