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Yoga at Bursledon Windmill

We are delighted to introduce outdoor yoga starting in September.

Join us for these outdoor yoga classes, running from 11 September until 2 October, in a peaceful and tranquil outdoor space.  

These classes are ideal for everyone, regardless of body type, age, level of fitness or flexibility.  Yoga is not about 'touching your toes!' With regular practice yoga works to keep your body strong and supple, and your mind calm and balanced.  

Each week, our experienced and fully qualified yoga teacher will take you through common yoga postures, (Asanas) and simple relaxation at the end of every class (Savasana). These classes are in the style of Vinyasa Flow Yoga, which is a dynamic and sometimes challenging style of yoga, which can strengthen and relax both the body and mind.  With regular practice,Yoga can be highly effective in helping to improve not only physical, but mental, emotional and general health and wellbeing.

Classes are suitable for all levels. Both beginner and experienced practitioners are welcome. Please bring your own equipment such as yoga mats and blocks.

Booking essential, as spaces are limited.


About the teacher Eloise Draper:

"I qualified with Laura Green Yoga 17 November 2018 and I am very excited to now offer yoga to the local community suitable for beginner classes and those with experience of yoga.

I started my yoga journey back in 1999, on my travels in my twenties, when I stumbled upon a beautiful yoga class being offered in Manly, in Sydney Australia. I was overwhelmed by the feeling I always had after my yoga classes, peaceful and happy came to mind!  I only did a few months before I came back home to the UK and didn't find a suitable class for a few years! I then discovered there were lots of wonderful yoga classes being offered in Southampton and I was hooked again and here I am some 18 years later teaching a mix of Vinyasa Yoga and Hatha yoga.   

Vinyasa Yoga is a flowing style of yoga which puts together a sequence of poses and I incorporate this into my classes along with the Hatha Yoga so you get a bit of a mix of both styles in a safe way that looks after your body. I also offer relaxation at the end of the class and we practice some breathing techniques to center and connect, or ground and relax. Either way I hope the classes I teach help to make a person feel good at the end of the class - that is always my goal!

I do find teaching yoga lovely and rewarding. Yoga can really be effective in helping to improve not only the physical but the mental, emotional and general health and wellbeing of a person.  

My classes are suitable for anybody! I welcome beginners and those with experience to my classes which include breathing practice, asana and relaxation. I always offer modifications for those who need a little extra help, as lets face it, we are not all bendy and able to touch our toes - me included some days!

Come join me on the mat where we can flow and giggle and relax and enjoy a yoga practice in a beautiful outdoor environment."

  • Yoga at Bursledon Windmill
  • Yoga Instructor Eloise Draper

Yoga Instructor Eloise Draper at Bursledon Windmill


Bursledon Windmill

Address: Bursledon Windmill, Windmill Lane, Southampton SO31 8BG
Telephone: 023 8040 4999

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