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From the six-headed Hydra to Pegasus the winged horse, the mighty Cyclops to the Hippogriff of Harry Potter fame, this new LEGO adventure challenges visitors young and old to track down the escaped beasts and recapture them. With the wise Owl of Athena on hand to guide them, visitors to Milestones can use the accompanying Mythical Beasts at Milestones app and trail on their quest to find the beasts, return them to Pandora’s Box and save the day.

There are 30 incredible LEGO beasts and magical items to see at Milestones, all built by professional LEGO building company, Bright Bricks. Each model has been painstakingly put together by hand, taking hundreds of man hours and over one million LEGO bricks to complete. Six builders took 122 hours to complete the six-headed Hydra, using 177,000 bricks, while Vladdigor the Chimera, a fire-breathing monster with a goat’s body, lion’s head and serpent’s tail, took a team of people 117 hours and 135,210 bricks to build.

In addition to the live-action Mythical Beasts activity trail, there are plenty of other LEGO activities to enjoy at Milestones, including a LEGO play area, mosaic activity and make-and-take LEGO Minifigures. LEGO fans can also come along to our big build weekends on Saturdays 24 February, 3 and 10 of March and take part in a live-build to construct a giant LEGO Greek temple.

Mythical Beasts runs until 15 April 2018 and is included in Milestones standard admission charge; a small, additional charge applies to the LEGO Minifigure make-and-take activity. With their Milestones ticket, visitors can enjoy unlimited trips to the museum for 12 months.