Hampshire Cultural Trust is committed to providing safe and welcoming environments and experiences for everyone.

All visitors and staff deserve to feel valued and respected within our venues, on our programmes, during events and on social media. To help keep our staff and visitors safe and our communities inclusive, we ask you to follow a few guidelines.

Whether you’re visiting one of our museums, galleries or arts centres, taking part in one of our programmes or participating in an online event, we ask that you:

  • Are respectful and kind to our staff and other visitors
  • Remember that everyone deserves an enjoyable experience
  • Speak and listen to others and behave courteously towards them
  • Treat our buildings and facilities with respect and use them for the purpose they were intended for 

We welcome differing views and ideas and we encourage debate and discussion, but please be considerate to all. There is no place for:

  • Repeatedly interrupting an event
  • Discriminatory behaviour, harassment and defamatory comments
  • Smoking inside our venues: this includes the use of, or charging of, e-cigarettes 
  • Advocating for and encouraging any of the above behaviour

We take reports of abuse very seriously and will not tolerate abusive behaviour within our venues, during an event or in content posted on online. Anyone behaving in an abusive manner will be removed and may result in the individual being blocked or barred from our venues or attending future events.

Noticed something that wasn’t quite right?

If you would like to report behaviour inconsistent with our code of conduct, please contact us at enquiries@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk  so that we can take appropriate action.

These guidelines represent an ongoing commitment which will be reviewed and regularly updated to reflect your feedback. If you have any thoughts on how we can improve, please contact us at enquiries@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk.

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