The impact of coronavirus on young people with existing mental health difficulties has been significant and we recognise more young people experiencing worsening mental health including higher levels of stress anxiety, depression and fear, as well as trauma adversity and loss. 

By providing young people with opportunities to engage with creative activity meaning that they can spend some time exploring emotions in a safe and positive way and begin to develop coping skills and build confidence using creativity.

With continued support since 2020, Hampshire Cultural Trust has provided over 300 Creative Boxes directly to young people aged 10-16 years in our local communities. Our established social impact programmes and partnerships mean that we can target those most in need, including young carers, those with special educational needs, those that have been fostered/are in foster care, and those who are at risk to themselves or others. In the words of a social worker: "If it gives them 45 minutes to just relax and be kids, that's enough to make a difference"

We have also recently been able to support refugee children and young people in Hampshire with the accompanying booklet available below in four languages. 

"The mum who received it attends our ESOL class and was close to tears when the tutor gave it, she then sent a message to the tutor from her 5yr old to say thank you and that they loved it!" Programme Coordinator, West End Centre

The activity booklet can be used as resources for children and young people or those supporting them.

Create & Connect Brochure

Ukrainian Create & Connect Brochure

Arabic Create & Connect Brochure

Pashto Create & Connect Brochure

The extra touch of gifting her with an art set was inspiring and it will encourage her to continue at home, and provide a reminder of a very pleasant memory.


Please help us to continue reaching vulnerable young people in Hampshire by donating a Creative Box today. Your support will ensure that a Creative Box reaches a young person in need and helps to improve their mental health and wellbeing.  

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