Hampshire Cultural Trust’s purpose is to change lives through culture, which is based on the core values of respect and the care of human rights.  Therefore, whilst not legally required to publish a Modern Slavery policy or statement, we will always take decisive action to maintain a safe and positive environment for our employees, volunteers, visitors and agents.

As a trust, we have a zero-tolerance approach to modern slavery of any kind within our operations as an organisation or within our partner network. We are committed to conducting our work as a charity responsibly and making best endeavours to ensure that no modern slavery or human trafficking occurs within the operations of our business. 


We are committed to taking all reasonable steps and actions to identify and address modern slavery and human trafficking risks in our business. 

We believe that the nature of our business is low risk regarding modern slavery. However, our work within local communities may lead to us becoming aware of disclosures about modern slavery outside of the organisation. Where this takes place, we are committed to escalating any reports or risks to the relevant authorities.  Our safeguarding policies and practices provide a framework for escalating such concerns.

Policies and procedures

To enable Hampshire Cultural Trust to manage any modern slavery concerns, we operate a number of policies and procedures to support our teams in recognising, tackling and escalating accordingly. These policies include:

Speak up/whistleblowing

Our Speak Up/Whistleblowing policy, alongside the associated confidential helpline for raising whistleblowing concerns anonymously and confidentially, encourages employees, volunteers and visitors to raise concerns in confidence. The policy is designed to make it easy for employees to make disclosures without fear of retaliation, through the use of an independent, externally hosted whistleblowing hotline. This service is available to all employees, workers and volunteers and is also available to external consultants and contractors.

Safer recruitment

Our safer recruitment policy and associated process/guidance identify and effectively manage the recruitment of staff, contractors and volunteers. This ensures the effective screening and assessment of prospective staff, offering measures and protections against the exploitation of our users and employees. These processes further uphold equal opportunities through ensuring that all candidates are treated with dignity and respect, and that all applications are handled equally.

Safeguarding policies and procedures

Alongside detailed risk assessment processes for activities associated with young and vulnerable people, our safeguarding policies and practices actively address concerns, ensuring appropriate escalation and action are undertaken. In conjunction with authorities, partners and experts, our procedures ensure concerns for vulnerable individuals are identified and addressed effectively.

Anti-bribery policy

Our anti-bribery policy and associated register ensure we are capturing and noting any potential risks to individuals or Hampshire Cultural Trust. These are recorded, considered and actioned as appropriate to proactively prevent the possibility of bribery or malpractice concerns. 


These, alongside all Hampshire Cultural Trust policies and procedures, are regularly reviewed and updated to ensure any associated risk is managed effectively. The trust takes reasonable steps to maintain the relevance of all policies whilst actively employing considered review periods. The trust will always make proactive amendments should internal or external contexts demand.

Support and measures

We further recognise that in conjunction with our policies and procedures it is important that Hampshire Cultural Trust implements measures to support our employees, volunteers and visitors. The trust therefore offers a number of measures to assist our teams and visitors. These are:

  • A dedicated Employee Assistance Programme to aid employees in seeking appropriate, external, independent support. This aims to provide an independent support network to allow staff to raise concerns and seek appropriate support when required.
  • Mental health first aiders to provide an immediate, first line support for employees and volunteers who may need to seek wellbeing support. This offers a gateway for direction to appropriate support.
  • Safeguarding lead provisions utilising specifically trained and authorised safeguarding leads who advise and guide on safeguarding matters as experts. 


Additionally we conduct training and development for employees, volunteers and staff to provide them with awareness around the appropriate steps to take should concerns arise. This training is focused on:

  • Face-to-face, enhanced safeguarding training for roles that may have exposure to potential safeguarding situations or vulnerable groups.
  • Virtual safeguarding training around vulnerable adults and children for all staff.
  • Mental health and wellbeing training for managers to enable them to identify and effectively address concerns, signposting to appropriate professional support.

Hampshire Cultural Trust's supply chain

Where unethical practices within our network or supply chain become known, we will take decisive action and/or notify the appropriate authorities. All reasonable steps will be taken by staff and Hampshire Cultural Trust to escalate concerns should they become known. It is our firm belief that all of our suppliers should act ethically and appropriately in accordance with legislation and human rights.

As within our supply chain we prioritise working with Bcorps and local suppliers, we aim to champion and recognise ethical and environmental best practice in all aspects of our operations. 

Effectiveness and review

It is recognised that the risks associated with modern slavery and unethical practice generally are ever evolving and we as a trust therefore recognise the need to remain vigilant. We continue to review our policies, procedures and training to maintain their relevance and effectiveness. 

We will continue to recognise and take appropriate steps to address concerns around modern slavery and unethical practice. We will always take all reasonable steps to prevent this within Hampshire Cultural Trust’s operations.

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