The Brighter Futures programme works in partnership with local health and community providers to support adults with mental health needs.

Participants, who come through partners such as the North East Hants Recovery College and Wellbeing Centres, attended courses such as Poetry for Wellbeing, Beginners Ukulele and Arts Journaling, to support them to grow their confidence, develop their emotional resilience and to increase their socialisation.

In the past year we have worked with over 150 participants via 24 courses, and in April 2020 we took this programme online, enabling people to still access these opportunities during COVID-19.

"I have gained a new confidence in my abilities and an increase empathy towards others. When it lockdown, it's hard to appreciate that everyone around you is going through the same mental health struggles. I grew a greater sense of understanding my own mental health issues as well as empathising with others."

Participant feedback


"It helped me overcome my perfectionism, opening up another type of journaling to me to help with recording my mental health survival/recovery journey."

Participant feedback