Through access to local heritage and by engaging in high-quality activity, ICE - Inspire, Create, Exchange - Heritage aims to promote positive mental health, provide longer term opportunities for young people by using creativity to build emotional resilience and bring attention to what museums can do to provide positive support for more young people.

The ICE Heritage project is a collaboration between Hampshire Cultural Trust and Hampshire CAMHS, provided by Sussex Partnership NHS Foundation Trust. ICE Heritage follows on from The ICE Project, a successful project that ran from January 2017 to January 2020 using the arts as a positive way for young people to acquire skills and express themselves, with the resulting positive impact on both their psychological health and emotional wellbeing.

ICE Heritage aims to address and explore important mental health issues in young people using creative engagement with local heritage. It will also work with artists to explore themes such as identity and self-care, creating exhibitions to share with local communities.

For more information or how to refer young people onto the programme please contact Cat Cooke, Community Programmes Manager by e-mail: