Our large and ever-growing image archive captures every part of the diverse collections we care for. Whether you are looking for a print to hang on your wall at home or a photograph to illustrate a publication, our image archive is available for you to use.

Many of the images in our archive are now under creative commons licence CC BY-NC-ND, making them free for you to use and share with a credit for non-commercial purposes.

We operate a charging structure for the commercial use of our images. As an independent charity, we use the income from image licensing to support our venues, the collections we care for and our work in communities across Hampshire, with a core goal of improving wellbeing, health and happiness through cultural experiences.

Prices for commercial image licences start from £30 plus VAT. Please complete the application form below to receive a quote.

Image category Price from
Website/Social Media £30 +VAT
Books (Editorial) £48 +VAT
Television Flash Fee £70 +VAT

Supply fee

To make our collections accessible, we do not charge for the supply of existing low resolution images.

To help support our work as a charity, we do operate a charging structure for the supply of high resolution images, starting from £15 plus VAT per image. Please complete the application form below to receive a quote.

New digitisation

Many of the photographs in our image archive were originally taken for curatorial reference and vary in quality. We have an ongoing programme to expand the number of objects photographed, but may not always have a photograph either of the object you looking for or to the specification that you require.

We can digitise or re-digitise most objects in the collections we care for on request. Charges for this service start from £50 plus VAT. Please complete the application form below to receive a quote.


To start your image request, please email our collections team sing the link below. If you have any questions or require assistance, please read our FAQs in the first instance. You can read our privacy policy here.

Contact us


Application form FAQ

What is this reproduction request form?

This form is a way for you to get in touch with us to express your interest in ordering photographs or requesting image licensing.

Who is this form for?

This form can be used by anyone, either in a personal or business capacity, who wishes to request a photograph either as a print or in a digital format. It is also for individuals and organisations who wish to request licensing rights. If you have a photographic research request, please contact us by email, collections@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk.

I have a photographic research request. Should I fill out this form?

No, if you are contacting us to carry out research, please contact us by email, collections@hampshireculturaltrust.org.uk.

I am unsure which photographs I would like or the format I would like them in. Should I still complete this form?

Yes. Please give us as much information as possible to help us understand what you are looking for. We will then get in touch with you and work with you on your request.

Will completing this form confirm my order?

No, completing this form will simply give us an indication of what you are looking for, you are not confirming your order at this stage. We will be in touch with you to confirm and fulfill your request.

Can I skip a question and how do I do it?

Yes, you can skip non-mandatory questions. Simply press the down arrow towards the bottom of the form to jump to the next question.

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