"My name is Lara Michelle Cook and I am a self taught Kenyan artist. I was born and raised in Kenya, and lived most of my life in Naivasha which is in the great rift valley.

I grew up on the shores of a beautiful lake surrounded by farms and wild animals, which is where I take my inspiration from. I moved to the UK five years ago which has been a major shift in life. Throughout all the moves and changes art has been my one consistent element and it makes up a huge part of who I am and is something I never intend to stop creating.

This exhibition will mark my first UK solo exhibition which is both a wonderful and daunting prospect. I wanted to create a simple look into what I as an artist sees of Africa. My work is not all the same style but I don't believe as an artist you have to define yourself by one particular medium if you have multiple passions. The one thing that will be a common factor is the subject matter which more often than not is African flora and fauna which much like art, I can never get enough of."

  • Monkey in Frame