Royal connections, famous faces and gory tales echo throughout the history of Basingstoke.

A team of dedicated pupils and teachers from four Basingstoke schools have come together to celebrate the rich history of Basingstoke. Over the last year, Hampshire Cultural Trust, historians and an Oxford college archive have been supporting pupils to find answers to their questions and explore over 2000 years of local history. The result is this collection of artwork, maps and research sharing the tale of their town with the local community.

The project has been guided by Kate Norman, a local primary school teacher from Park View Primary School, who was inspired to respond to a podcast where historians picked out Basingstoke as an example of a town with little significance. In response, her dedicated team of young historians were joined by other local schools, who set out to explore, delving deep into the rich history of the area. The project is in partnership with Hampshire Cultural Trust through the Reaching Out! programme and local support.

Aldworth School (Secondary)

Fairfield Primary School

Park View Primary School

Winklebury Junior School


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