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Craft and early human history go hand-in-hand. Every find unearthed by archaeologists was made or marked by human interaction with the materials they bent, cut, carved, hammered or built. The innate curiosity of the mind, allied to our desire to create, has embedded the act of making deep in time and the human psyche.

Our daily routines do not depend on craft as they once did, but a handmade object, crafted from raw materials, still speaks to us in a deeply resonant way. We respond with immediate recognition and perhaps even awe to the transformation of materials in the hands of a  skilled maker. 

This exhibition brings together 22 artists from the Hampshire and Berkshire Guild of Craftsmen to celebrate some of the highest quality craft being produced in the region. Guild members draw on their specialist skills to express their ideas of beauty in wood, metal, textiles and ceramics.

To deepen our understanding of making, photography by David McKibbin has been specially commissioned to capture an intimate view of the artists at work in their studios. This will be featured alongside the objects on display, inviting audiences to look closer to appreciate the realisation of exceptional craft, its place in the wider cultural landscape and how it enriches our daily lives.

Items in the exhibition are available for online purchase at our online shop.


Photos by David McKibbin

Hampshire & Berkshire Guild of Craftsmen

  • Set of pots by Frances Marr
  • Nick Barberton carving vessel
  • James ME wood carving
  • Harriet Walford soldering
  • Jules Hogan needlework
  • Jennie Gilbert scoring clay vase
  • Hugo Eggleston sawing wood
  • Lyndsey hammering jewellery
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