Doing Time tells the story of Winchester Prison over the last 175 years, shedding light on its history as the county jail for Hampshire and revealing how changing attitudes towards incarceration have led to a focus on rehabilitation and reform.

The book and exhibition is supported by Hampshire Cultural Trust and features photography from Javaid Akhtar, and tours libraries and arts venues from June, beginning with Westbury Manor Museum, sharing the stories of the people who work and volunteer at the prison with absolute dedication in often extremely demanding circumstances.

A number of prisoners' stories are also included, revealing the challenges of overcoming drug dependency and the commitment needed to embrace life-changing rehabilitation.

The book and exhibition have been written by Liz Kavanagh, editor of Winchester Magazine. The project manager and exhibition curator was Leonie Mountney.

“Each year, 2000 men pass through Winchester Prison, on remand, awaiting release and serving sentences. The book and exhibition provide an overview of the many individuals who make up the prison – from teachers and prison officers to the prisoners themselves. Their stories have been written as they have been told - without agenda. They reveal the huge challenges that the prison faces operationally as well as the dedication of the people who work there. They also highlight the pitfalls of a criminal justice system where reoffending is far too common. The stories told by prisoners are particularly insightful, revealing how debt, drug addiction and lack of family support can all lead to crime.” Liz Kavanagh

The accompanying book of Doing Time is available from P&G Wells for £7.99.

  • Prison bars at dusk.