Come and meet the quirky robot creations of artist Mark Haig, brought to life from recycled scrapyard and skip finds

GIZMOBOTS is an exciting exhibition bringing together artist and engineer extraordinaire Mark Haig’s robots, both large and small. Gizmobots are “found object robots” that start life as ordinary and discarded items, discovered in second-hand shops, skips, car boot sales and scrap yards. Haig carefully crafts the parts to create unique characters, each with their own personality and humorous story!

As a young lad Haig used to sit in front of his parents’ electric fire making robots and spaceships out of cogs, wheels and bits of wood that his dad bought back from his job as a clock repairer. Fast forward to today and he is on a mission to teach the younger generations the value of re-purposing, whether that’s through repairing or re-imagining old object into whimsical sculptures. While many of Haig’s creations are decorative, he also makes robots with functions like speakers, radios and even lights for hands.

The exhibition will have lots of family-friendly activities for the summer and will feature a brand-new giant robot made on site, as well as a robot inspired street-art commission by artist Dan Wilson.



  • Trio of robots - Dude Cookie & two tapebots by Mark Craig
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