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Monsters, Myth and Magic

Monsters, Myth and Magic is a family-friendly exhibition exploring the story of the first Anglo Saxon settlers in Christchurch and how the gods, dragons and elves that populated their pagan world survived the arrival of Christianity.

The early Saxon settlers were skilled sailors, hunters, farmers, metalworkers and textile makers. They were also keen storytellers and many of their stories were about the gods, monsters and magic they believed occupied the world around them, from the raging seas they sailed across, to the dark forests they hunted in.

Find out about the pagan burials at the Bargate and the legend of the Christchurch dragon. The exhibition includes the objects the people took to their graves, the weapons they fought with and the gods they relied on to protect them. Gods that have survived down the centuries, whose names we invoke daily and who still live through stories told in comics, TV and film.


  • Beowulf with shield in hand about to slay the dragon


Red House Museum and Gardens

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