The story of the first Anglo-Saxon settlers and how many of the myths, legends and beliefs that occupied their pagan world are still with us today.

The early Saxon settlers were skilled sailors, hunters, farmers, and metalworkers. They were also keen storytellers and many of their stories were about the Gods, monsters and magic they believed influenced the world around them, from the raging seas they sailed across to the dark forests they hunted in.

Amazing objects from the early Anglo-Saxon cemetery in Alton tell us a lot about their lives and beliefs. From the glory of the Alton Buckle, on permanent display in the Curtis Museum, to the weapons they fought with and the personal items they took with them to the next world.

Many of these objects would have acted as talismans, offering a link with the Gods they relied on to protect them in life and death. Gods that have survived down the centuries, whose names are, literally, in daily use and who live on through new stories told through comics, TV, games and film.

This exhibition offers an opportunity to see many of the incredible objects from the Alton Anglo-Saxon cemetery that are not normally on public display.

Monsters, Myth and Magic is a family friendly exhibition that offers plenty of hands-on activities, dressing up, colouring in, quizzes and games.

  • Monsters, Myth and Magic Exhibition