Following the ten-week programme, the young people began to shape, pick and choose further opportunities to stay creatively involved in. This enabled them to continue developing their skills in something they enjoyed and in a familiar environment with other young people.

All in the Mind Festival

Take a look below at what Cohort 1 achieved:

ICE Heritage Exhibitions (co-created by the young people, from discussing how their work will be best displayed to installing their work in the exhibition space)

  • Leather Making: Crafting Personal Pieces, Andover Museum, Saturday 7 May - Sunday 5 June 2022

'This exhibition has blown me away. I am so proud of what the young people have achieved' Parent

'I thought it was amazing how the art was showcased... Everyone is so passionate about their work which inspires me and my sister. This exhibition was amazingly fantastic!' Sibling

'I bought some of my friends to see the exhibition as we were in town. It was really cool to show them' 


  • Anemoic Rise, West End Centre Aldershot, Sunday 2 July – Sunday 24 July 2022
  • Anemoic Rise, Aldershot Military Museum, Wednesday 27 July – Sunday 7 August 2022  
  • A year-long display experimenting with the impact of environmental weathering on images left outdoors at Aldershot Military Museum. This is on view Summer 2022 - 2023 as part of the museum’s Resilience Garden.
  • Leather Making, Andover Museum, Friday 27 January - Friday 24 February 2023


ICE Heritage Workshops, Events and Opportunities

  • Recording music and lyrics at a professional recording studio, May 2022
  • Two-part Stage Confidence Workshop with professional musician in a commercial venue, Ashcroft Arts Centre, July 2022
  • Live performance at local family festival, All in the Mind, September 2022

'I had mostly stopped making music but now I feel inspired to start again' 


'The music is amazing and it was nice to see his little smile on his face. It really was amazing what you were able to provide for him. He is looking forward to the workshops in July' Parent

'The programme was unbelievably beneficial in so many ways and the staff that ran it were absolutely amazing. Programmes like this allow our young people the opportunity to explore new skills which may open up pathways that are not readily available in school. Music is such and important part of all our lives and to give our young people an opportunity like this is truly amazing' Parent

  • Youth Membership Pass offering cardholders free hot drinks in any of our venues
  • Coats of Arms design workshops in Ceramics, Art Journaling and Wire-word Art as part of the CAMHS This is Me Exhibition, Dec 2022
  • Make & Design a model hot air balloon workshops, April 2023
  • Costume design workshop and tour at Hampshire Wardrobe, April 2023
  • Photoshoot with professional photographer, modelling the garments designed by our Printmaking group, April 2023


  • Aldershot Military Museum
  • Aldershot Military Museum
  • Aldershot Military Museum
  • Leather Making: Crafting Personal Pieces
  • Developing negatives for Anemoic Rise
  • Planning for Aldershot Exhibition
  • Anemoic Rise at West End Centre, Aldershot
  • Installing at Andover Museum
  • Hampshire Wardrobe
  • Printmaking
  • Hampshire Wardrobe
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