In our museums, arts centres and galleries, we open doors for everyone to be inspired by culture. Our venues are friendly, welcoming places where people come together to discover stories and make memories through our collections, exhibitions, projects and events. We create opportunities for people to experience culture and achieve a positive change in their lives.

Each of our venues is different and part of a proud community. These unique places are at the heart of Hampshire Cultural Trust, which brings the skills and expertise to:

  • Care for our collection of 2.5 million objects, made accessible through our venues
  • Work creatively to meet the needs of people in our communities, including those who are the hardest to reach or most vulnerable
  • Present exciting new events and exhibitions, bringing high-quality art and experiences to Hampshire

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How to support Hampshire Cultural Trust

Ambassadors and Gold Ambassadors are a community of committed givers who donate £500 or £2,500 each year to Hampshire Cultural Trust’s work. We also partner with philanthropists to help them make transformational gifts, connecting them to causes within our portfolio that they are passionate about.  

Contact Development Manager Bryony Hope on 01962 678161 to find out how you can make a difference as an Ambassador, Gold Ambassador or Donor.  

There are also opportunities for local businesses to become Corporate Partners or to sponsor an exhibition or event. Find out how you can become involved.

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