This is an adventure. An adventure around Fareham. It’s not your average tour full of historical facts and figures (though there are a few of those - along with rumours, legends and more...). Really, it’s about your town, your stories, made in conversation with you, or maybe someone you know. 

Join Lucy, local to Fareham herself, as she takes you on a winding path through the most beautiful, storied and intriguing parts of town. 

After a wander on foot, meet us for a cuppa back at Ashcroft Arts Centre and tell us what you think!

You’ll be journeying for 60 minutes or so. For the very curious, perhaps a smidge longer. You will need a smartphone with data, and headphones to take part.


Tickets: Free, but do need to be booked. Donations are very welcome. 


This is an audio adventure which you experience using your smartphone through a web browser, at your starting point, we will give instructions on how to access the adventure. 

The route of the adventure is on public footpaths and pavements, at no point does the adventure take you onto private property or 'off road'.


Where and when can I start the adventure?

We will be attending Fareham's annual community showcase on Saturday 16 July, come and find our stall at any point between 10am and 4pm to start the adventure.

You can start the adventure from Ashcroft Arts Centre on Wednesday 27 July and Saturday 13 August, you can book a time slot for this on the website through this page, in person at our box office, or by phone on 01329 223 100.


Project information:

The Fareham Adventure is presented as part of a broad project across Hampshire Cultural Trust's Arts Centres exploring co-creation with local communities of Hampshire. The project has been a partnership between Coney, Ashcroft Arts Centre and the people of Fareham and is supported using public funding by Arts Council England.

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Book your space on The Fareham Adventure at Hampshire Cultural Trusts' Ashcroft Arts Centre, Fareham, now!


  • Pastel pink headphones on a split background of pastel pink and green

Dates and times

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  1. Sat 16 Jul 2022
  2. Sat 16 Jul 2022
  3. Sat 16 Jul 2022
  4. Sat 16 Jul 2022
  5. Sat 16 Jul 2022
  6. Sat 16 Jul 2022
  7. Sat 16 Jul 2022
  8. Sat 16 Jul 2022