Play with Paint is spontaneous play that leaves traces behind, is free of distraction, pressure, competition and criticism as the traces (pictures) are not photographed, exhibited or taken home.

You enter the room, wearing clothes that can get paint on, you take a piece of paper, chose a piece of wall or isle to pin it on. You can chose from many different beautiful, vibrant high quality paints. Each paint has it's own brushes and water glass. 

When you are finished you can take another piece of paper or add paper to continue on the same piece.

Participants can chat with each other but not about the pictures and there is no teaching, just play. Enjoy the colours and the traces you leave behind.

The class facilitator will help with putting paper up, mixing or refilling paint.

The focus is the simple pleasure and enjoyment of facilitated unspectacular painting.

The facilitator will be present to help with paper, paint, adjustment and mixing paint. All age groups are welcome to participate but not to spectate, to allow the person who plays with the paint to completely immerse into playing with the paint.

This is for all ages 6 and above and a chance to really immerse yourself into art. 

Session: Friday 22 July - 26 August, 10am-11am 

Tickets: £5 

Facilitator: Kim Polzer

Kim was surrounded and encouraged in creative arts from a very young age.

She went to study performing arts at the Bruckner Konservatorium Linz in Austria where part of her work was to teach and help children and teenager develop their imagination and creative flair.

After having her son and deciding to home educate him, she spent many years studying and researching on this subject. Later becoming qualified in forest schooling helped her decide to let child led education, learning and play be the key element of her work with children.

Kim creates a completely teaching free space and environment in her classes where one is permitted to use the tools at hand to play and create.

Without the need to follow someone else's ideas or instructions . Without being judged, critizised and taught on what needs to happen or what the end product will or should look like. 

The simple process of play.

Play with paint is by no means a new idea. The class is a space away from our day to day life, where materials and paint, space and a peaceful environment permits everyone to just be. There is no need to worry about mess making or tiding up either.

Just enjoy and follow your intuition and imagination

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  • A child painting on an easel

Dates and times

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  1. Fri 19 Aug 2022
  2. Fri 26 Aug 2022
  3. Sat 12 Nov 2022
  4. Sat 19 Nov 2022
  5. Sat 26 Nov 2022