• Cerrado Sunrise by Marcio Cabral/IGPOTY

A collection of winning images from the prestigious International Garden Photographer of the Year (IGPOTY) Competition 11 is being displayed at Gosport Gallery until 6 July.

The IGPOTY exhibition features the very best botanical photography from across the world and includes a full display of Competition 11 winners, showcasing the finest images of plant life and the habitats of gardens and green spaces. 

Visitors to Gosport Gallery, which is operated by Hampshire Cultural Trust (HCT), can expect to see thought-provoking and challenging images which seek to strengthen bonds with plants and gardens, increase public understanding of the natural world and champion photography as a mode of conservation.

Categories including The Beauty of Plants, Breathing Spaces, Trees, Woods & Forests Wildflower Landscapes, Beautiful Gardens and Breathing Spaces will be on display. 

“From the spectacular vision of plant life in The Cerrado, Brazil, to idyllic British gardens and pastoral scenes, the exhibition is an inspirational journey through sights both familiar and unknown,” commented Tara McKinney Marinus, Visual Arts Exhibitions Manager at HCT.

A display of winning and highly-commended entries from the Green Gosport: Photography Competition will be on display in a special pop-up exhibition on 31 May and 3-8 June, in the Gosport Gallery and SEARCH building. The Green Gosport competition encouraged entrants to capture the green spaces and biodiversity found in and around the Gosport peninsula.

Curtis McGlinchey, IGPOTY Manager, said, “The IGPOTY Competition 11 exhibition celebrates the finest photographs of plants, gardens and green spaces from around the world. We’re proud to be exhibiting at Gosport Gallery as we look to inspire and uplift visitors from Hampshire and beyond with remarkable images of a green planet. The winning images of the local special award, Green Gosport, will also be on display.”

There will also be a series of botanical related events and workshops to mark the IGPOTY exhibition. On 8 May, explorers Janet and Mark Wildman will be sharing their collection of stunning shots of landscapes and wildlife, acquired from walking 2,538 miles of UK coast line. There are also two Floristry for Beginners classes on 17 May and 12 June, where participants will be able to learn the basic skills of floristry. Finally, there is a drop-in workshop for children on 28 May where they will be able to make mini sunflowers and sun prints.

The IGPOTY exhibition will run until 6 July 2019, admission is free, suggested donation £3.