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Some of the world’s most famous buildings are under attack by UFOs, dinosaurs and more in Bricktropolis and the Attack of the Mighty Monsters at Basingstoke’s Milestones Museum.

In this brand new LEGO adventure at Milestones, evil organisation WRECA (World Rampage, Extortion and Chaos Alliance) has released rampaging mighty monsters to attack some of the world’s most iconic landmarks – and is demanding £15 trillion to call them off! Using the accompanying Bricktropolis app or trail map, visitors to this LEGO challenge for all ages can choose to join WRECA or side with SPIDA (Special Police International Defence Agency) – the only thing standing in their way.

From the Eiffel Tower to the Kraken, Big Ben to pteranodons, the Empire State Building to radioactive spiders, there are more than 30 incredible LEGO landmarks and mighty monsters for visitors to see at Milestones, all built by professional LEGO building company, Bright Bricks. With some models reaching up to six metres high, each has been painstakingly put together by hand, taking hundreds of man hours and hundreds of thousands of LEGO bricks to complete. The model of Dubai’s Burj Al Arab took a team of two people 392 hours and 44,520 bricks to create, while Hong Kong’s towering Bank of China – 369 metres high in real life – took five people a total of 246 hours and 37,524 bricks to put together.

In addition to the live-action Bricktropolis app and two activity trails, there are plenty of other LEGO activities to enjoy at Milestones, including LEGO play tables and mosaics. There is also a Quake and Shake Table and Tower Build, where visitors will be able to build their own LEGO tower and see if it can withstand rigorous testing, as well as a make-and-take LEGO Minifigure activity, both on Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April.

Bricktropolis and the Attack of the Mighty Monsters runs until 28 April 2019 and is included in the Milestones standard admission charge; a small, additional charge applies to the LEGO Minifigure make-and-take and Quake and Shake activities. With their Milestones ticket, visitors can enjoy unlimited trips to the museum for 12 months – more details are available at www.milestonesmuseum.org.uk.

Godzilla Kraken

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