Support vulnerable young people in our community

Before the pandemic, one in eight children and young people in Hampshire had a diagnosable mental health disorder which is the equivalent of three or more pupils in every classroom.*

The impact of Coronavirus on young people with existing mental health problems has been significant with 83% experiencing worsening mental health during lockdown, including higher levels of stress, anxiety, depression and fear, as well as trauma, adversity and loss. 

Providing these young people with the opportunity to engage with creative activity means that they can spend some time exploring their emotions in a safe and positive way and begin to develop coping skills and build confidence. In the words of a social worker: "If it gives them 45 minutes to just relax and be kids, that's enough to make a difference".

We invite you to buy a Creative Box for a young person and provide them with the opportunity to engage in positive activity, taking them away from some of the negativity they are experiencing in these challenging times.  

With your help, Hampshire Cultural Trust is sending Creative Boxes directly to young people aged 10-16 years in our local communities. Our established social impact programmes and partnerships mean that we can target those most in need, including young carers, those with special educational needs, those that have been fostered/are in foster care, and those who are at risk to themselves or others.

Each box contains:

Sketch pad Colouring pens
Modelling clay Paint
Paintbrushes Drawing pencils
Glue Origami paper
An eraser A sharpener
A 'How-To workbook'  

The box itself can also be decorated and become a self-soothe box where the young people can add items that can ground them, making them feel more relaxed and reduce symptoms of panic, anxiety or low mood.

With your support, you can provide a positive light for a young person most in need. Thank you. 

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*Hampshire and Isle of Wight Children and Young People's Mental Health and Emotional Wellbeing Local Transformation Plan 2019


Creative Box for young people